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Montague Law Library 20/21 Academic Year Operations

Textbook Access for Spring 2021 Courses 

In accordance with the Law Library's Textbook Acquisition Policy, textbooks will not be available through the Law Library. Students should purchase any textbooks that are required for their courses. 

As far as we know, textbook publishers will not be making digital copies of their textbooks available for free. During the Spring 2020 term, academic publishers responded to the unprecedented and abrupt cessation of in-person teaching due to COVID-19 by providing free, digital access to their textbooks and supplements. The Law Library monitored the actions of legal academic publishers and assisted students with locating digital access to their textbooks. The special access programs implemented by publishers have now expired and are not expected to be re-implemented. 

Academic publishers are not expected to repeat their actions from this past Spring term in the event of localized closures. Due to ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the complexity caused by ongoing re-openings and or future closures potentially affecting individual students differently due to variations of their local government guidelines, the Law Library strongly recommends students purchase or rent digital versions of their textbooks. 

If you would like assistance locating a digital version of your textbook for purchase, please email and a law library staff member will assist you. 


Course Reserves 

All Course Reserves will be available electronically and should be linked in your Canvas course page. If you have any issues locating your Course Reserve Materials, please email and a law library staff member will assist.


Statement from West Academic and Foundation Press: 

Please note: The following ONLY APPLIES if Penn State Law shifts to remote learning at some point during the Fall 2020 semester. 

“If your course or campus shifts to remote learning, we will continue our West Academic and Foundation Press e-book offerings: 

  • For students who purchased directly from West Academic's web store, West can automatically extend electronic access through the end of the fall semester. These students will not have to do anything to activate this access. 

  • For students who purchased/rented through other retailers, West Academic will also provide digital access to our titles with proof of purchase or rental. Please encourage students to keep their receipts.” 

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