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User Guidelines

Group Study Room Reservations | Study Carrel Reservations

The Law Library offers options for open and reserved seating for LAW and SIA students.  Group Study Rooms, study carrels and 7 desktop computers may be reserved. "Opening seating" or seating not included in the reservation system includes the following: The Reading Room, 3rd Floor Desk, soft seating "arm chairs" throughout the library.  Additionally, the Law Library offers six Group Study Rooms that may be reserved by LAW and SIA students. 

Seat reservation instructions: Mobile Device and  Computer/Laptop

Quiet Study
The Reading Room is reserved for quiet reading and research.  Conversations and collaborative/group work should not be conducted in the Reading Room.  Cell phone conversations disrupt others' expectations of quiet study and research space.  Phone calls should be taken outside of the library space.

Securing Valuables and Personal Items
Users are responsible for securing their personal items and valuables while working in the law library.  Personal or other items should not be left unattended for long periods of time to "hold a seat."

Only laptop computers and other study aids may be plugged into outlets in the library. No appliances are permitted in the library and will be removed if discovered. No extension cords will be permitted in the library, whether in carrels or for use with laptops on tables.  


Group Study Room Reservations

The Law Library offers group study rooms for use of LAW/SIA students only. Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance. Group study rooms accommodate up to four or six individuals, capacity information for each study room can be found on the reservation page.  Users without reservations are expected to vacate study rooms when a group with reservations arrives.


  1. To guarantee time in a study room a reservation must be made.
  2. Only LAW and SIA STUDENTS can make reservations.
  3. Two student names and PSU email addresses will be required to make a reservation.  Initial reservations will be for 2 hours with the option to book one additional hour. At least two students must be using the group study room at a time.
  4. Reservations can be made twenty-four hours in advance.
  5. Users without reservations must vacate the room when an individual or group with reservations arrive.
  6. If a room is reserved but not claimed within ten minutes the reservation is cancelled and others may use the room.
  7. If a reservation is made with false information, or that violate these guidelines , the reservation will be cancelled. Reservations made by individuals who are not LAW/SIA students will be cancelled.
  8.  Group Study Rooms are not private offices.  Per library policy, including group study rooms, “Carrels and tables are not personal property. Carrel or table space may not be claimed for an extended period of time without actually occupying the seat. Carrels and tables will be cleared of ALL unattended items periodically throughout the day.” 
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages in a container with a lid and small snacks are permitted.  Dispose of trash in proper receptacles.  Food deliveries are not permitted. 




  1. Only LAW and SIA students can make reservations.
  2. To book a seat in the law library, go to the Student Resources page of the law library website and click the button for Reserve a Seat. Instructions for reserving a seat on your computer are available here and on your mobile device here
  3. Students will be able to reserve a seat up to 24 hours in advance in two-hour blocks. There will be 15 minutes of padding on the end of each seat reservation in order to ensure that the student has time to clean the space and vacate the area before the next student arrives. If there is no one scheduled in the seat at the end of a student's two-hour block, the student may book the next time slot. Only 2 two-hour blocks will be allowed per student per day. 
  4. Users without reservations must vacate the seat when an individual or group with reservations arrives.
  5. If a seat is reserved and is not claimed in 15 minutes the reservation is cancelled and others may use it.